NZ Wood Partnership

NZ Wood

Wood is the most sustainable, infinitely renewable raw material on earth, unlike oil, gas, coal or minerals which, once used, are never able to be replaced. Our forests and wood offer New Zealanders a versatile, durable, natural and great-looking product.

Public interest in climate change and the environment has never been higher which makes it a great time to highlight to all New Zealanders the benefits of growing forests and using wood.

NZ Wood is a major promotional and development programme to promote New Zealand forests and wood resources.

What is the NZ Wood Programme?

The NZ Wood programme is a comprehensive range of projects and initiatives managed by a cross-section of the forestry and wood industry to promote New Zealand forests and increase consumption of wood and wood-based products. By choosing wood we are contributing to New Zealand's commitment to the fight against climate change, and creating a better world.

The entire NZ Wood programme is founded on research evidence, industry consultation and commitment to build our future in wood.

Key components of the programme include:

  1. Industry workshops
  2. Research
  3. Roadshows
  4. Forums and Industry panels
  5. The NZ Wood brand
  6. NZ Wood website
  7. Promotion and advertising
  8. Design resources
  9. Training initiatives

Aims and Objectives

The NZ Wood programme brings together the diverse members of the wood and forestry industry to pursue common objectives.

These common objectives are:

  1. Growing the domestic market share for wood.
  2. Increasing per-capita consumption of wood in New Zealand.
  3. Growing public awareness of the economic and environmental contribution that the forestry and wood industry makes to New Zealand.

Most importantly, the NZ Wood programme will help New Zealand fight climate change and global warming.

Douglas-fir Association

As members of the NZ Wood Programme, the Douglas-fir Association champion the use of wood as a building material and encourage the use of Douglas-fir as a preferred option with genuine advantages. The Douglas-fir Association comprises companies involved in either growing or processing and production of New Zealand grown Douglas-fir timber.

Use wood. Use Douglas-fir.